All Fired Up: Do Grills Come with Propane Tanks?

Different grills use different fuels to cook your food. Many grills will require you to use charcoal and others will require propane gas. This is needed to light up your grill so that the fire can cook your food to perfection. 

When you get a new grill, you also need to get your fuel so you can use it. Does a grill come with a propane tank or is it something that you will need to buy separately?

Let’s find out. 

Do Grills Come with Propane Tanks?

Do Grills Come with Propane Tanks

When you buy a grill, you will not be getting a propane tank with it. There isn’t any grill that will come with its own propane tank, you have to buy that part separately.

You might get a propane tank if you buy a grill secondhand, but that is highly unlikely because the people you got your tank from would need a new propane tank.

Why Do You Need a Propane Tank?

Not every grill requires you to have a propane tank. Again, there are several kinds of grills from charcoal to gas.

All gas-powered grills need propane. Propane is the gas that the grill gets its power from. 

Do You Need a Specific Type of Propane Tank?

When you are out and looking for a propane tank to purchase, you will notice that they are not the same.

There are different sizes of propane tanks available to be bought and you need to find the one that is best for you, your grilling needs, and your storage capabilities. 

Sometimes, where you are located will affect the kind of propane tank you need. You will need a different kind of propane tank if you are located in hotter climates rather than colder climates.

The same for your altitude, you will need a different kind of propane tank if you are at a higher altitude. 

You can buy a propane tank as small as holding 20 pounds of propane to being able to hold 1000 gallons. Of course, if you are just trying to heat up your grill, you won’t need the 1000-gallon one. 

If you use a gas grill, getting a 20-pound or a 30-pound propane tank will work well. Grills don’t take a ton of gas to run so you don’t need to worry about getting a big tank. 

With the 20/30-pound tanks being much smaller, they can be easily stored. Some grills will even have a tray underneath that you can set your propane tank on. 

How to Get a Propane Tank

Propane Tanks

Once you figure out how big of a propane tank you want, you need to actually get it. You have several options for getting a good propane tank for all of your grilling needs. 

Your first option is to buy your propane tank new. From your local grocery store to the hardware store, many locations will sell propane tanks.

However, if you are going to a Walmart or a Meijer to purchase a propane tank, you will likely only be able to find the smaller ones. 

Hardware stores and specialty stores will sell high-quality propane tanks of several sizes. These are more likely to be expensive, but you can still find affordable tanks in these locations.

You can even buy a propane tank on Amazon! The internet has made it very easy to get a propane tank for your grill. 

When you buy a brand-new propane tank, it will come empty. With that, you will have to find a place to fill up your tank with propane gas.

This will cost more money so that that into consideration when buying your propane tank.

You can also get propane tanks second-hand. If you find a propane tank being sold by someone at a lawn sale or online, then you will pay less money for a used propane tank. 

The last way of getting a propane tank is by participating in a propane tank exchange. You will get the same quality propane tank as a secondhand propane tank as it isn’t a new tank. However, the process of getting the tank works a bit differently. 

Propane tank exchanges can happen at hardware and home improvement stores like Home Depot. It is a pretty simple process once you let the store know what you are there for. 

You will pay for your propane tank, and you will be brought to a storage area with all of their propane tanks.

Then, you get to pick out a propane tank that is already full of gas. This is a great method if you want to get a propane tank and gas at the same time. 

The exchange doesn’t end here. Once you have used up all of the propane gas inside of the tank, you can take the empty tank back and get a new one.

You will be prompted to leave the tank outside next to the full ones because you shouldn’t bring a propane tank inside. 

From there, you switch out your empty tank for a new full tank. You can do this for as long as you need gas and it is a very convenient method of getting propane gas. 

The prices for doing this propane exchange depend on whether you are bringing your propane tank back or not. The first time you participate in the exchange, it will be more expensive since you don’t have a starting tank. 

Then, as you have a tank that you are bringing back, the price will decrease because you don’t need to pay for the tank as well as the gas. 

If you want to see a propane tank exchange that is completely self-serve, check out this demonstration video.

Courtesy of AmeriGas Propane Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Grills Use the Same Propane Tank?

Outside of the propane tank’s size and its ability to handle a specific kind of environment, you can use any propane tank for your grill. What matters is the propane gas inside of it, rather than the tank. 

Most people will use a 20-pound or 30-pound propane tank for their grills because it is the most convenient option. However, you can still use larger tank sizes for your grill if that is what works for you. 

All gas grills need a tank of LP gas to be able to properly function. That is their only propane tank-related requirement.

How Much Does a Grill Size Propane Tank Cost?

Propane tanks vary in their price because of their size differences and quality differences. When you buy a tank that is going to be primarily used for grilling, you won’t have to spend as much as someone who needs a propane tank big enough to power several appliances. 

Most grill-sized propane tanks will cost you anywhere between $50-$150. This isn’t a horrible price, especially if you are doing a propane tank exchange where the propane tank already comes with gas in it.

Do You Leave the Propane Tank on While Grilling?

When you are grilling on a gas stove, you need to be able to power it so it can run. This requires the propane tank to be on so it can supply the grill with gas. However, because you need to have the propane tank on, you need to keep a good eye on your grill.

Don’t leave your gas grill running without your supervision in case someone or an animal comes by and ends up messing with the tank.

Also, when you are done grilling, you must turn the propane tank off. Even though your gas grill won’t be running unless you specifically turn it on, leaving the tank on can cause a dangerous situation. You leave the chance of someone or an animal turning the grill on and letting it fill with gas.

Is it OK to Leave Your Propane Tank Outside in the Summer?

When it is Summertime, you can leave your propane tank outside as long as it is on a flat and solid surface. However, make sure that your propane tank is still kept in a shaded area. 

Don’t leave your propane tank out in the hot sun as the direct sunlight will cause the propane tank to heat up. If the tank gets past 120°F, you run the risk of your propane tank exploding because of all the heat. 

If there isn’t anywhere on your porch that is shaded, it is better to keep your propane tank in a covered area such as a garage or a shed.

Final Thoughts

If you wanted your grill to come with a propane tank, we are sorry to say that it won’t happen. Grills won’t come with a propane tank unless you make a very lucky find at a lawn sale. 

You can get your own propane tank in several different ways from buying it brand new from a hardware store to getting it second-hand to getting it through an exchange program. Let us know how you got or are going to get your propane tank in the comments!

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