How To Pick Up Acorn At Yard (5 Powerful Ways)

Remember when you were a kid, playing among the leaves and acorns on your neighbor’s lawn?

You would jump out of piles of them. You would throw them at each other. Or you would carefully collect them in paper bags to take home and feed your squirrels (or, if you were me, lose them immediately after leaving the park).

Now the season has arrived once again, and you might be wondering what the most effective ways of picking acorns in a yard are.

Well, you are in luck, here are some ways:

#1 Using a Power Broom

A power broom with stiff bristles

A power broom with stiff bristles is a great way to collect acorns.

Brushes are also effective for picking up acorns. But they can be time-consuming and not as convenient as using a power broom.

If you want to use a power broom, make sure the grass is cut low, and you’re using a power broom. 

A power broom will help you clean up acorns more efficiently and use less energy. Using a power broom to clean up acorns in the yard makes sense because acorns are biodegradable and can break down into soil fertilizer.

However, if left in the yard, they can clog lawnmowers and cause trouble. A power broom makes this task easy, and the broom can pick up the most acorns and keep the lawn looking as beautiful as possible with its high-powered brush. 

You may want to consider raking the yard. Many people do this as a side benefit, as it’s easy to collect acorns while raking leaves. But you should make sure that you choose the right rake for the job. 

There are several different rakes designed for different kinds of yard debris. To get the right one, you should consider the size of the acorns. Acorns are often scattered everywhere, but there’s no reason to be overwhelmed. 

If you don’t have a power broom, you can use a nut roller, a hand-held device with a pole, and a cage that rolls across the ground.

The device has multiple wheels and tines to sweep a wide area and pick up acorns easily.

#2 Using a Nut Gatherer

A nut gatherer
A nut gatherer Acorns

A nut gatherer is a device with a long handle used to roll over acorns and collect them in a steel roller basket.

Once you have collected enough acorns to fill a bag, you can empty the bag into a trash can or place them in the garbage. 

Many people also use a garden rake similar to a nut gatherer to collect the same type of items.

A garden weasel is another popular option for collecting similar objects, available for purchase on Amazon.

A garden weasel
A garden weasel

A nut gatherer works best in small areas, and if you have a lot of acorns to collect, you may want to purchase a larger model.

These rakes are not as effective as lawn sweepers and require routine emptying of the collector basket. You’ll also have to roll over the acorns to get them all, so they’re not as effective in large areas.

A nut gatherer can be attached to a lawnmower or towed behind a truck. If you have a large yard, the lawnmower attachment will work best.

Source: BagANut

It will also save you a lot of time than a manual acorn gatherer and can quickly pick up large amounts of nuts.

Acorns are beneficial for many things. They shade grass and cause bald patches. If you don’t get rid of acorns, some wildlife will come to feed on them, including chipmunks, deer, possums, and other animals.

Acorns are also harmful to people, as they contain tannins. Therefore, picking up acorns is essential to keep your yard looking fantastic.

A nut gatherer is not cheap, but it will save you time and effort. They can help you collect acorns in a single pile while at the same time gathering debris.

Most acorn picker-uppers have a wooden handle like a rake and a flexible metal cage. You will also save time and money when you buy an acorn gatherer.

#3 Using a Leaf Vacuum

a Leaf Vacuum

If you don’t want to spend all day picking up acorns from your yard, you can use a leaf vacuum. This device is like a giant hand extender and often has claws that pick up large amounts of debris. 

Once it is complete, it automatically disposes of the bag. The downside to this type of tool is that it can collect grass in its wake.

A leaf vacuum can be purchased or rented. These tools are typically designed for leaf and other yard debris collection. The vacuum’s motor sucks the debris up into a bag. A leaf vacuum can also be manually operated. 

A long pole rolls over the lawn surface, catching acorns on its way. You can also rent a lawn sweeper or purchase a riding lawnmower.

Using a leaf vacuum to pick up leaves and acorns from your yard can be time-consuming and requires heavy-duty equipment. 

You can also opt for manual nut gatherers, which are simple and do not require gasoline. These tools are not very efficient at larger jobs, though. If you are looking to buy a leaf vacuum, buy one with a two-inch hose attachment.

While the acorns themselves don’t require much effort, they can be a nuisance to pick up.

Many homeowners sweep them up and dispose of them in the trash or compost bin. Acorns are not fun to pick up, and they can cause injury to you. 

Luckily, there are options for cleaning up acorns with a leaf vacuum. You can also clean up the yard yourself by hand, but it may be more complicated than you’d like to handle.

When using a leaf vacuum to pick up Acorns in your yard, it’s essential to remember that the acorns can clog a shop vac tube.

Make sure to vacuum the acorns on a dry day. You can also use a dry/wet vacuum, but you should be extra careful because acorns can clog the tube.

#4 Using a Picker-upper

Using a Picker-upper

If you want to get rid of acorns in your yard without getting your hands dirty, consider using a picker-upper tool.

Its two-piece construction has a four-foot pole (and a 10-inch basket) that traps the objects on the ground. You can use the picker-upper for different purposes, including yard work.

When choosing the right acorn gatherer, look for one that is made of durable, corrosion-resistant metal or wooden poles.

Make sure it’s sturdy and durable, or it may break and cause you to reapply gasoline. It should also be adjustable. If possible, find one with adjustable handles. 

In addition to acorn picker-uppers, you should look for one that features a rake-like handle to pick up twigs and leaves. Acorns are not only a nuisance to homeowners, but they can also be attractive to pests. 

It would help if you collected them before they can damage your lawn, as they are a favorite food source for chipmunks, squirrels, and mice. Even worse, acorns can end up in your house! 

Acorn pickers can also help keep pests out of your yard, so it’s best to get them as soon as possible.

Consider the size when using a picker-upper to pick up an acorn from your yard. More giant acorns will require a bigger basket or garbage bag, and they are difficult to lift and maneuver. 

A picker-upper with multiple wheels will accommodate a wide range of terrain. You can then hoist the basket and empty it of your harvest. A picker-upper is one of the most popular acorn-picking tools on the market. 

It helps to collect all the debris into a single pile, which you can then dispose of. While this is a convenient tool, it’s not ideal if you have a large lawn full of multiple Oak trees. If you’re trying to save money, a picker-upper can help you.

Editor’s Note: A nut gatherer is a long-handled tool that rolls over the acorn. The device has a steel roller basket to collect the acorns and empty them into a trash container. The smallest picker-uppers are also less expensive. But you should choose a large model if you’re dealing with many acorns.

#5 Using a Shop Vac

Using a Shop Vac

Using a shop vac to pick acorns in the yard is an effective way to clean up large amounts of acorns, especially in yards near houses.

Shop-vacs have powerful suction and a large canister, making them ideal for cleaning up acorns that have fallen near houses.

However, shop-vacs need dry weather to perform their tasks, as wet leaves may get clogged inside the unit.

You can also try using a tarp to catch the acorns that fall to the ground. Depending on the size of your yard, you can place tarps around the tree and empty them every other day.

Once the tarps are complete, you can dump them into the compost bin. Acorns are a nuisance to animals and humans, so make sure you dispose of them properly. Several people use a shop vac to pick up nuts and acorns. 

Although a shop vac is not very light, it’s easy to maneuver and has durable wheels and rubberized castors to prevent it from slipping.

The power cord is a considerable advantage, enabling you to clean larger areas without a hassle. It also comes with a handy storage bag and a built-in blower port.

Final Thoughts

A rake is an inexpensive option for picking up acorns in the yard. It can help you pick up acorns and leaves, but it is not a practical solution. 

A leaf vacuum, also known as a lawn vacuum, has a powerful motor and will pick up large amounts of acorns. However, it is not ideal for more extensive lawns dotted with multiple Oak trees. Alternatively, you can take them to a local municipality that collects yard waste.

Most municipalities will accept acorns. While it’s not a fun task to lift a bucket full of acorns, you don’t want to harm the acorns – leave them for the local wildlife. And don’t forget to take the garbage bags with you and your shop vac.

Whether you’re buying from a farmer who uses acorns for their animals or a feed store, there are plenty of ways to grab some acorns this fall.

However, it’s important to note that acorns have sharp shells, so gloves and sturdy boots may be suitable. Best of luck this fall as you gather your acorns!

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